Breakers Resort
927 North State Street
Saint Ignace, MI 49781
(906) 643-7733

Breakers Beach Bar
(Coming Spring 2019)

Below are the plans for the Breakers Breakfast and Beach Bar. We spent many months planning this building. It has been complicated to design because we did want a “restaurant building” on the water. We spent time taking in your input and learned what makes the Breakers so special are the memories your family makes with ours on the beach. We love the open lawn filled with room for your kids to run, the beach to swim at, and the sunrise views of  Mackinac Island.

Although we want to give our guests waterfront breakfast food and bar service, we also didn’t want to sacrifice what makes the Breakers special. Therefore, we made the building as attractive and as small as possible. As shown below, on a 500 ft beech, the bar will only use 34 ft. This design will minimally block the views of the eight first and second floor rooms. The bar will have a canvas walkway 50 ft out to it that can be rolled up on balmy summer days. This way you enjoy the beach without having a physical divide on the back half of the beach creating a divide.

Please look at the first picture to see the width of the building between the cones.